Mar 4, 2013

Mengais dollar, All About My Track ...

That about 1 year, i am not check "my mengaisdollar" site. Just for your info, this blogspot is my first time i created blog that have spirit to get money online.. youp.. mengais dollar is simple name, and its my history site...

sekarang udah lama gak tengok ni blog, pekerjaan offline dan kegiatan offline lainnya cukup membuat aq melupakan site ini..

now i tried to surfing again, to bloging again, meskipun harus kembali dari awal.. awal yang dulu pahit hehehehe.. sekarang semua jadi memori...

hm.. beberapa iklan disamping merupakan salah satu spirit aq kembali ngeblog hehehehe.. ternyata enak juga ngeblog... meski masih 70% untuk daily aq ngandalin hasil kerja sebagai IT...

still try to be internet marketing.. today.  i will start to be IM 100%

I am confidence with my choice.. how about you..

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Free Virus Scan

This is my others ways to get free from virus. and this is the one of good free virus scan that must be apply.
now just check and try this best anti virus on your computer

just try.. i also try to clear all my Computers data's

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Jul 20, 2011

Great Domain Price...

did you know that domain have high value and best price??
believe me .. if you have domain that have great words.. consist of 1 – 2 words only.. you can try to sell all your domain at the domain market.
Jus imagine.. you can get more than $500 just for one domain name!!

You can try if you have short domain like or insertphoto, mestee and others..

Actually there are much place to sell your domain..
Sedo, namedrive etc.. all of that broker have great price and great reputation for domain selling..

I have several domain like picturaphoto and other about hair .

i will try to sell my domain on the best place .. are you interest ??
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May 19, 2011

Best Trade Show Exhibits for Our Product

I believe all off us understand that if we wish to more successful on selling our products, we need a trade show exhibits that we usually call an exhibition of products. In support of the display of goods sold, we have an exhibit display that attract a good screLinken and seduce our customers come to see cell is. Just for your information, the display of the tent with a unique and fascinating exhibition, which ensures that the affected customers visited our position

This exhibition of products, as well as an interesting form of the state in which we see is a type of truss lighting lamps to illuminate our products.
We must choose the type of roof trusses for lighting and
table covers decoration of our products to their needs and preferences of consumers will use. So most are beautify our product stand.
Going to be ideal, if not a logo mats, be with a lot of preparation and development techniques,
table top display mats are perfect to the interests of our customers put in the cell.

To design the layout of the
directors chairs and building as indicated before, we are confident that everything will be built to win in a position to more customers and sales of our products. Hope using best technique and best trade show exhibition, we will reach the best selling…

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Mar 29, 2011

I bought severl domain for get earning...

hi all,
good evening.. :)
this is very cold here in my room.. my law room
by the way.. i don't want talk about my condition but i will share my experience now..
several days ago i have bought several domain with pr. it is about PR3, and i got cheap price, i got avarage 25 - 27 each pr3 domains...

just my secret.. i always try to get niche word including at domain name.. i have bought several domain niche about traveling, music and Law.

now i still try to maintenance all my new site..
i will prepare to make money from PTR and selling blogroll link...

my prediction i will got about $90 for 1 domain by selling blogroll links and blogpost...

so it is about $270 for 3 domain pr3... i bold it this is minimum earning.. :)
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Jan 30, 2011

All About Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss is a problem that affects most men over 30 Sometimes even before this goal. Often people suffer from hair loss more easily cut with a problem without dealing with them, or very short hair or permanently remove rasandoli.

In general, women suffer from hair loss and baldness, often caused by stress. There are some basic rules to observe and avoid from hair and is mainly due to good nutrition and the use of certain natural based supplements.
It should be noted: It's kind of their "right" to fall. Someone more or less natural causes hair loss can be set. What is good to know the rules of "good health", which help neutralize the decline. First, you should not smoke. Tobacco and nicotine act as vasoconstrictors and thus the oxygen supply to body hair follicles. If you are genetically predisposed to fall, the damage is certain. And using Hair Protection is simple ways to protect our hair

Fulcrum of the main opposition party, the hair loss are recorded in sediment. its health system pursue life best online generic bodies characterized be supplemented by regular consumption of fruits, vegetables and grains. Pay attention to correct the Mediterranean diet is one of the most important steps to address. A healthy diet can rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements and do not stop to improve the quality of the hair, and in some cases, if the decline is caused by lack of food. Green Tea natural products such as wheat germ oil with more success in the fight against hair loss.
We must not denigrate the use of antioxidant supplements such as spirulina or Klamath and increased intake of vitamin C flavonoids. You can drug minoxidil and finasteride solution on the skin for androgenetic alopecia by hormonal and genetic login (including prescription).
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Sep 9, 2010

My Best Health Article site

happy nice day...!!
after long time not create or inform my online experience, today, i will tell little story...
if all of you understand that for me as half of "money online blogger" create an article is some thing that make me tired :) , why..?
cause create an article on blogspot [free blog area] is not give me money :)
it was different if we created an article for our own site, own dot com..
it will more get earning off course!! i believe all of you agree with me for this statement.. :)
btw today i have create new dot com which will use for share information about health article,
so i call my new dot com with best health article, ...

from there, i will create much article about health article, and hope it will growing up in 1 month , i hope,...
this best health article, used great theme, you can check it there...
i plan for next month this best health article will grow up and get more 1000 unique visitor.!!
and hope it will be get 1 on GOOGLE SERP...
so if you want to create new site, just look at best health article site,
it will give you some inspiration about health article..
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